You create, We sync
Add Bubbles to any video, Post it anywhere you wish!

Are you a content owner or video community?
PLYmedia (creator of BubblePLY.com) wants to partner with you. PLYmedia develops interactive tools that enhance videos and enrich the viewer experience (www.plymedia.com). To understand how people interact with videos and allow the viewer to become an active participant in the experience, we have developed BubblePLY.com. Here, anyone can experiment with creating and / or viewing layers of bubbles (PLYs) that sit as an overlay to the player and is synchronized with the video.

Why am I telling you this?
We want you to be a partner.

Why would you want to participate?
Hundreds of millions of people worldwide are watching videos hosted on sites such as yours. At PLYmedia, we want to offer them the ability to be more involved in the enhancement or personalization of what they’re viewing.

What do you benefit from partnering?
By working with PLYmedia you gain the following benefits:

  1. The latest community tool to attract new viewers to your site
  2. Free access and use of all metadata that is added to movies that are hosted by you
  3. The ability to fully embed our PLYcreator and PLYviewer into your website. Your viewers will be able to create and / or view a PLY with a video directly on your website
  4. Full control of all the ads placed around your player and / or PLYcreator? on your new webpage
  5. Increasing the time viewers stay (stickiness) at your website
  6. The ability to better understand how your viewers interact with your videos via a reporting system

Are you wondering how much it costs to add our tools to your site?
There is no cost. We offer our tools for free.

Are you now asking yourself - where is the money?
We have developed a partnership revenue sharing model that we would love to further discuss with you.

OK, you want in. What do you have to do?
E-mail [email protected] for more information


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