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Creating Bubbles

Step 1: Bringing a Video

Step 2: Adding Bubbles

  1. How do I add Bubbles?
  2. How do I save my Bubble?
  3. How do I change the type of Bubble?
  4. Can I change the direction of the tail of a Bubble?
  5. Why are there different types of Bubbles?
  6. Can I add more than one Bubble?
  7. How can I add another Bubble?
  8. How can I align all my Bubbles?
  9. Can I add a hyperlink?
  10. How can I change the timing of a Bubble?
  11. Why does the timer not move in precise seconds?
  12. Can I change the size of the Bubble?
  13. How can I move my Bubble?
  14. Can I duplicate my Bubble?
  15. What special effects or text effects can I add to my Bubble?
  16. Can I animate my Bubble and make it move over the PLY?
  17. How can I create subtitles for a video?
  18. Can I add an image to the PLY?
  19. Can I add clip art animation to the PLY?
  20. How do I move to the next step - getting a Link?
  21. How can I keep track of all the PLYs and Bubbles I have added?
  22. How can I duplicate (clone) an entire PLY I’ve created?
  23. Can I edit and or delete a Bubble?

Step 3: Getting a Link

Viewing a Video with a BubblePLY


Sharing with Others


BubblePLY's tools




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