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Creating Bubbles | FAQ

1. Do I have to register to create or view a Bubble?
Nope. Anyone can create and / or view a PLY or Bubbles without having to register. However, registration enables you to view the list of previous PLYs you have created and also features such as editing and deleting the bubbles you have created in the past.


2. I have my own video - how can I upload to BubblePLY.com?
You can’t. We decided that there are enough sites that let you host your videos. If you have a specific movie on which you would like to create a bubble, we suggest that you upload your video to one of the video sites we have enabled with our tool (click here to view list). Then you can copy the URL of your video from that website and bring it to BubblePLY.com to start bubbling.


3. How do I create a Bubble?
To become a Bubbler, you need to follow these three quick steps:

1) Bring a video
2) Add Bubbles
3) Get a link

Now get bubbling!


4. Do you have a demo on how to create Bubbles? What about in other languages?
Of course. To watch a full demo on how to create a Bubble, click here

In addition, some of our users have created nice explanations on how to create a Bubble in different languages.

For instructions in Japanese: click here (thanks to Gigazine and darkhorse for their instructions)

For instructions in Spanish: click here (thanks to mmadrigal for their instructions)

For instructions in German: click here (thanks to akadmie.de for their instructions - you will need to allow for pop-ups to view the demo)

If anyone else creates instructions in another language, email us at [email protected] with a link to your instructions an we will add it here.


5. Do you have any samples of Bubbles I can view?
Click here for samples of PLYs and Bubbles created by other users.



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