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Step 1: Bringing a Video | FAQ

1. How do I bring a video?
  You'll need the following ingredients:

  1. A new browser page.
  2. A video community website (see below for a full list of video communities).
  3. A URL of the video you want to add bubbles to.
  4. A mouse or a keyboard for pasting the URL into the text window on the BubblePLY.com homepage.

BubblePLY.com will mix all these ingredients to verify everything has been included. After a few seconds your video will open in the PLYcreator™.


2. What sites can I bring a video from?
  Currently, not all video communities are enabled with BubblePLY.com.
At the moment, BubblePLY.com supports the URLs from the following sites:

Note: BubblePLY.com does not store or host any videos on it's website. All videos are provided courtesy of other websites. If you wish to Bubble your own video, you will need to host it on one of the above video hosting or community web sites and come back to BubblePLY.com with the URL.

(*) Microsoft Media Player enabled site


3. Once I press “Next”, what should happen?
  The video you are bringing to BubblePLY.com will stream into the PLYcreator™. This may take a bit of time depending on your connection speed and delays (if any) at the video community site.


4. Why can my link not be displayed?
  Before anyone can create a BubblePLY, the system check to see that the video on which you want to create is still being hosted. If you see a message that your link is not available it means that we are having difficulties finding your selection and you should try another video.


5. Does BubblePLY.com already have videos on which I can create bubbles?
  Sure. Just select one of the “Top of the day” on the left side of the homepage.



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