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BubblePLY. com, the PLYmedia experience site, was launched on December 10, 2006. Since then, we have been constantly fixing and improving the PLYCreator™, the PLYViewer™ and all the other components of BubblePLY.com. Because an integral part of this experience is you, our user, who continuously provides feedback and functionality and feature suggestions, we would like to share with you what's happening at BubblePLY.com and our progress.

- SubPLY Version 1.00 - New!
Release day: May 2, 2007
We are happy to announce the release of the first version of SubPLY. SubPLY allows anyone to add subtitles to any video from any site enabled by PLYmedia and post it anywhere they wish. The viewer can then, just as in DVDs, view the video and browse between available subtitles. Now, more than just viewing a subtitle, you can create your own subtitle on the video for anyone to see. Much more to come. Stay tuned...


- BubblePLY Version 1.90 - What's new?
Release day: May 2, 2007
  • New - Quick Embed; MySpace, Hi5, Friendster, Xanga, Freewebs, Facebook. Special thanks to gigya :)
  • New - Add a personal picture to your personal details
  • Fix - Media Player videos: improvement of PLYplayer controls
  • Fix - Media Player videos: PLYplayer shows source and views

- BubblePLY Version 1.80 - What's new?
Release day: May 2, 2007
  • We are happy to announce that BubblePLY.com Creator and Viewer now support Windows Media Player video files. Sites that have been enabled are MLB.com and Keshet-tv Ambatia. More are about to come.
Bubbles on Windows Media Player

- BubblePLY Version 1.76 - What's new?
Release day: March 29, 2007
  • New - Mouse over PLY logo and see how many times the PLY was viewed
  • Fix - Default PLY name is the video name + the user PLY number
  • Fix - Better Help; Help displays explaining how to enter & exit edit state
  • Fix - Better Help; Animation help won't re-appear once you close it (no "Show Help" check Box)
  • Fix - Animation dialog does not disappear after pressing 'Apply'
  • Fix - Image and ClipArt cancel Upload; The bubble that was there before will remain unchanged if you cancel at any stage
  • Fix - Bubble resize boundaries - now they are constant - won't change from one time to another
  • Fix - Image sometimes resized by itself, should not happen anymore
  • Fix - Animation fix; if you animate Bubble or Both -> you can still relocate the Tail. if you animated the Tail -> you can still relocate the Bubble
  • Fix - Clip Arts, they loop, they can be caught at any point, you can change color to all that make sense - even (FINALLY :) the Mark

- BubblePLY Version 1.75 - What's new?
Release day: March 22, 2007
  • New - Number of Bubbles on PLY increased from 100 to 2,000 and more
  • New - Video is pausing when clicking on hyperlink
  • New - PLYs name default is now set to Video Name + PLY number
  • Fix - Improved the 'Bubble Timing' and accuracy by adding milliseconds and rounding
  • Fix - Bubble Animation - “Tail” bug
  • Fix - Reports are presented better

- BubblePLY Version 1.74 - What's new?
Release day: March 15, 2007
  • New - More cool animation clip Bubbles
  • Fix – Faster response on Play/Pause in "PLYcreator" and "PLYplayer"
  • Fix – Correctly updates new image import of the same dimensions

- BubblePLY Version 1.73 - What's new?
Release day: March 8, 2007
  • New - Now you can animate a Bubble that you create to move around the video screen along a path that you set.
Animated Bubble Demo
  • New - More cool animation clips Buttons: 'skype me', 'email me', 'digg it' and 'bubble it'
animation Clips Buttons
  • New - Fast RSS registration to 'Google reader', 'My Yahoo!' and 'Bloglines'

- BubblePLY Version 1.72 - What's new?
Release day: February 28, 2007
  • New - Link Tracking: Track and receive reports on the number of clicks from each linked-bubble in your PLY
  • New - Clone a PLY: Duplicate (or clone) an entire PLY
  • New - Came From: Create a "Came From" identification and when you embed a video in your site and add a "Bubble it!" icon or link, you'll get credit to your site on any PLYs created from the embed
  • Fix - PLY page improved and it includes TrackingLink

- BubblePLY Version 1.71 - What's new?
Release day: February 8, 2007
  • New - Clip Art animation Bubble
  • New - Right-click menu enabled to add a hyperlink to the Bubble and/or selected text
  • New - Enable Embed to autoplay when embedded
  • Fix - Placement of Tool Tips
  • Fix - PLY logo and Source of video always on top

- BubblePLY Version 1.70 - What's new?
Release day: January 31, 2007
  • New - Image Bubble (jpg, gif, png). The image can be resized, is linkable and transparency enabled
  • New - Copy/Paste Bubble
  • New - Right-click menu for Copy/Paste/Delete operation of Bubble or the Bubble text
  • New - If text written is larger than the Bubble size, "..." notification appears
  • New - Bubbles created that do not include any text are automatically deleted
  • Fix - The name of the video appears in any language as it appears at the source
  • Fix - The term Opacity has been replaced by Transparency
  • Fix - Default Bubble Transparency set at 35%
  • Fix - Center positioning of text within Bubble when link is created

- BubblePLY Version 1.60 - What's new?
Release day: January 23, 2007
  • New - Resize any font in bubble
  • New - Color any text in bubble
  • New - Add/Delete link to any text in bubble
  • New - Reset Bold and Italics
  • Fix - Out-of-focus when resize the text or outline width
  • Fix - Current text size displayed in drop down box and outline width

- BubblePLY Version 1.55 - What's new?
Release day: January 18, 2007
  • New - Interface for selecting Bubble Type, resize and move position.
  • Fix - Display of bubble timing represented immediately when the parameters are created or changed


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